A modern, flexible WMS platform for the 21st century

Web based application

Easy access for workstations, web-enabled devices and third party systems.

Flexible hosting options

Secure and reliable cloud-based hosting,
or self-hosting if you prefer.

Modular architecture

Software that can be easily tailored to your business needs.


Simple and powerful integration with third party systems

E-Commerce Integration

Built-in integrations with leading e-Commerce platforms.

Simple, robust API

Third party systems can interact directly with Orderflow.

Import and Export

Receive or output data with any format, a life saver when direct integration isn't possible.

Delivering pure efficiency to all of your warehouse processes

Our OrderFlow platform provides a powerful warehouse management and order-processing functionality
that allows retailers and 3PLs to optimise their warehouse and despatch operations.

Goods in

OrderFlow supports a wide range of options for receiving incoming deliveries.

  • handheld or desktop based receipt
  • pre-receipt using licence plates
  • recording of lot numbers, expiry dates, etc.
  • receipt of units, cartons or pallet quantities
  • cross-dock of incoming items to match them with pending orders
  • reconciliation using purchase orders and advanced shipping notes (ASNs)


OrderFlow lets you get your stock efficiently into the right locations.

  • user or system-directed putaway
  • combined receiving and putaway
  • configurable slotting rules for putaway
  • putaway of units or cartons
  • pallet putaway using licence plates

Stock management

Our customers rely on OrderFlow's stock management capability to drive warehouse activity and to know where everything is, where it's been and where it's going.

Stock tracking

OrderFlow features fine-grained tracking of stock by location

  • audit trail of every stock change
  • stock tracking by lot
  • stock tracking by unit or carton
  • daily snapshot of stock position

A summary stock position for each product, including the crucial 'available' figure, is recalculated with each stock change. Our e-Commerce integrations include notifications to the third party systems that need this information.

Stock Checking

Powerful stock checking helps you to confirm that your warehouse stock position is always spot on. Stock checking on OrderFlow can be:

  • by product or location
  • optionally blind stock checks
  • done individually or on a cycle

OrderFlow advanced stock checking lets you limit this activity using configurable strategies, helping you to get this important job done efficiently.

Storage and Replenishment

OrderFlow features flexible segmentation of warehouse locations to control how they fit into warehouse workflows

  • logical types (such as incoming, outgoing, pickable, bulk storage, damaged etc.)
  • physical types (racking, shelves, bins, etc.)
  • zones or areas

OrderFlow allows the best use of valuable warehouse space by defining bulk storage areas. Configurable replenishment tasks are available to move stock from bulk storage into the picking face to meet the demand from current or expected orders.

Order processing

Order processing is another area where OrderFlow excels, helping you to get your orders out of the door quickly, with minimal effort, and in the right order.


OrderFlow has the tools you need to manage real world situations, through features such as:

  • intelligent prioritisation of orders
  • configurable order splitting
  • expedited or deferred processing of selected orders
  • drop shipping through third party systems
  • tracking of order despatch against service level agreements

Powerful workflow management using configurable states and operations gives you precise control over how your orders flow through the system.


As one of the most important drivers of warehouse efficiency. OrderFlow provides all of the picking options you need to reach peak efficiency in your warehouse.

  • paper or handheld picking options
  • individual or batch picking
  • wave picking
  • zone-based picking to consolidation
  • cluster picking
  • picking to put wall

Most commonly used is batch picking, with powerful options ranging from:

  • zone-specific batches
  • single product batches
  • multi-product batches for specific products only
  • batching by priority, courier, destination, etc.
  • timed release of batches

Orders can be assigned to picking locations to minimise picking distance, helping you to pick more orders with less effort.


OrderFlow's fined tuned packing processes ensure that shipments are sent out with unerring accuracy. At the same time OrderFlow strives for every ounce of efficiency at the packing desk, where each keystroke counts.

  • barcode validation of shipment contents
  • automatic or one-click label printing
  • automatic prompts for packaging material
  • customs documentation for international shipments
  • options for changing courier selections and reprinting labels

OrderFlow also deals gracefully with real world situations, such dividing shipments into multiple packages, or event allowing for partial despatch of shipments.


OrderFlow provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help with the post-packing process, allowing you to keep track of your packed shipments, whether they are stored in the warehouse awaiting pickup or they have already been sent out for delivery.

  • support for a wide range of carriers and service options
  • courier-integrated manifesting of packed shipments
  • tracking of despatched shipments


OrderFlow makes it easy to capture all of the information you need to manage your returns process. OrderFlow allows you to exert the right level of control over returned items.

  • pre-authorised or unplanned returns
  • matching of returns with historic orders
  • capture of reason codes, comments and photos with each returned item
  • predefined return outcomes (e.g. destroy, refurbish, return to stock etc.)

Return details can be automatically sent out to external systems their APIs, emailed to interested parties, or made available through reports or dashboards.


Benefit from seamless integration with your couriers

These will help you minimise processing and shipping costs while keeping your customers happy.

Choose from dozens of integrations

Select from over 40 courier integrations, either directly with individual carriers or indirectly through 3rd party platforms.

Leverage existing courier relationships

Take advantage of your own negotiated shipping rates to get the best deal on your shipping.

Apply your own shipping rules

We make it easy for you to configure couriers and service selections based on destination, priority and other business rules.

The tools you need to meet the changing demands of your business

Site, channel and user scoping

Whether you're working with multiple sales channels, organisations or warehouses, you can do it all on a single unified system.

Reporting and dashboards

Dozens of built-in reports and dashboards covering every area of the system, with the power to create your own. All giving you the information you need to run your business.

Mapping and scripting

Through powerful mapping and scripting features, OrderFlow puts you in control, allowing you to respond quickly to complex or changing requirements.