OrderFlow’s Magento WMS integration allows Magento retailers to reduce costs and gain operational control through advanced warehouse management, order processing and stock control features.

OrderFlow has built-in integration with Magento through a specially created module provided by leading Magento solutions provider Ampersand Commerce.

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Magento is probably the world’s leading open source e-Commerce application, used by more than 100,000 merchants worldwide. Magento is a wonderfully powerful e-Commerce system, but it has very limited features aimed specifically at order processing.

OrderFlow fills this gap beautifully, allowing Magento users to also run an extremely efficient fulfilment operation.

With OrderFlow’s Magento module, you can:

  • automatically sync changes in your product catalogue from Magento to OrderFlow
  • bulk export product definitions from Magento to OrderFlow
  • automatically trigger export of orders from OrderFlow to Magento
  • receive stock levels from OrderFlow, either sent in real time as stock is delivered, and in bulk

The Magento module also provides extended payment options, allowing payment on a per line basis to be taken once stock availability has been ensured. This frees the store owner from having to issue refunds when products turn out to be out of stock.

OrderFlow’s Magento module is provided by Ampersand Commerce, who provide second line support to your Magento development house. If you don’t already have a Magento developer, Ampersand are perfectly placed to fulfil this role as well.

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